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Escape from Paradise

"Escape from Paradise," takes Regina Taylor deeper and further into her unique style of neo-surrealism, producing an extraordinary odyssey through her mind and spirit.

It's a one-of-a-kind one-woman show, performed with astonishing energy and force by Taylor as she explores-in a myth of her own making-her family, her heritage, her wildest dreams.

Her heroine is Jenine, a writer wishing to get away from it all with a trip to romantic Italy. She begins with a taxi ride in Manhattan and ends with a gondola trip in Venice, but in her play, the fun, and terror, is in between, in the process of the journey.

This is not a standard guided tour, but rather a frenetic, electric trip through the ghosts, dead memories, forgotten incidents and immediate family of her past.

In Jenine's journey, it is always 3 a.m., a time in the middle of nowhere in which she spills out stream-of-consciousness impressions of her sister, brother, mother, father, friends. She writes of them from deep inside her; at one point, her writing shows up on the walls of the stage, projected there in a blood-red color.

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at the Signature Theatre Center

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escape from paradise.png
Escape from Paradise

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