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Oo-Bla-Dee follows Evelyn Waters and the Diviners, an all-black, all-female jazz band, as they travel from St. Louis to Chicago in order to set up a record deal following the end of World War II. On this trip toward freedom the latest member of the group, sax player Gin Del Sol, must wrestle with the complex timing of the music as well as the complicated times in which she lives.

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Love and Kindness in the Time of Quarantine

Virtual Play at the Rep

the dreams of sarah breedlove.png
The Dreams of Sarah Breedlove

The Goodman Theatre, The Alabama Shakespeare Festival Crowns, & McCarter/ Second Stage



at the McCarter Theater, Longwharf Theatre, and the Goodman Theatre

Oo-Bla Dee

at the Goodman Theatre


at the Signature Theatre Center


“Dr. Kheal” Transformations

at the Goodman Theatre

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