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Drowning Crow

Goodman Artistic Associate Regina Taylor reinvents a classic, using Chekhov’s The Seagull as a springboard into new territory, and showing in the process how Chekhov’s innate understanding of human nature resounds across the ages. Transporting the action to an African American family gathering in the Sea Islands off the coast of South Carolina, playwright Taylor works with the heart of Chekhov’s story to explore the timeless themes of love, longing, and a new generation’s struggle to find its voice.



at the Signature Theatre Center

the dreams of sarah breedlove.png
The Dreams of Sarah Breedlove

The Goodman Theatre, The Alabama Shakespeare Festival Crowns, & McCarter/ Second Stage

Millennium Mumbo/ Urban Zulu Mambo

at the Signature Theater

escape from paradise.png
Escape from Paradise

at the The Goodman Theatre/ Circle Repertory Company

trinity river plays.png
The Trinity River Plays

performed at the Goodman Theatre & Dallas Theatre Center


at the McCarter Theater, Longwharf Theatre, and the Goodman Theatre

A Night in Tunisia

at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival

jar open.gif
Between The Lines

at the Humana Festival



at The Goodman Theatre

Drowning Crow

at the Goodman Theatre

Oo-Bla Dee

at the Goodman Theatre

The Ties that Bind: Watermelon Rinds and Inside the Belly of the Beast

Humana Festival/ Goodman Theatre

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